Car won't start b18b

i jus got done swapping the b18b into my 91 teg which is obd0… i had to chang out the injectors, intake mani, wire harness, and distributor to obd0 i havn’t yet connected all of my vacuum lines, because there are some extras? to which i don’t kno wher to connect them, i need a diagram for this… and also i went to start the car, and the engine turns over and its wanting to start i could tell its bugdin but it just won’t… i kno that this isn’t a common swap. but the b18b is all i had and i need info frm neone who has ever done this swap or kno how to help me with this problem., if u would like to help and have no idea what i am talking about pleaseee message mee!

is timing correct?

the timing is good, will it not start if the vacuum lines aren’t connected properly?

i think a b18b is a common swap, better than a tired old b18a, depending on the condition of the motors. i’d get all those vacuum lines figured out, how would u have some extra considering you’re using all ur old stuff? all u pretty much did was change the block n head… ur intake manifold if its from ur old LS motor should use all the hoses u use to have on there. got any body with a G2 thats local to you?

maybe you could get ur hands on a manual, that could be helpful.

are the spark plugs connected correctly?
are you getting spark? fuel?

IIRC isn’t the vacuum hose routing diagram on the underside of the hood. They are on g1s.:think:

yea im gettin spark and my fuel pump n everything kicks on and runs through the engine it just wont start, im thinkin its my vacuum, will that cause the vehicle not to start if the vacuums aren’t connect where they are suppose to be? when i first dropped in the engine it just turned over without any sign of starting and i go and plug up the vacuum from the pcv and go n try it again and it seems like it wanted to start cuz it backfired and also when i tried starting it i tried to give it gas and it just sounded like there was too much air goin through?

The only thing that really matters on your vacum lines is your map sensor. just hook that sucka up directly to the manifold and try it. other than that I would check the firing order thous are the only two things that it could be, that I can think of.

yea double check ur wires. make sure its on the cap properly and going into the right cylinders. and wait… i didn’t realise this when i first posted but how sure are you on the timing? you could try putting some starter fluid or carb cleaner and try starting it with that… have someone try starting it while u spray it into the intake or something. just to get it started if it will. and yeah the MAP sensor is the major one that u need ur vacuum line hooked up to, but u shouldn’t have any extras. you’re using ur old intake manifold n other stuff on ur old car. its not like u came upon more holes or tubes, its all the original ones.

but just to state it, even tho u might have it right already. if you’re looking at the distributor cap from the passenger side. remove the cap so that u can make sure its pointed to the bottom left (#1) when u crank the motor and line it up so that #1 cylinder is at TDC. from the bottom left is #1… going clockwise its #3 then #4 then #2 which makes the firing order 1-3-4-2. and #1 cylinder is nearest the timing belt. i say this cuz i have some friends that own g2’s that still call me sometimes bcuz they forget whenever they do rip out the wires/plugs.

you’re motor can start without some of the vacuum lines hooked up, but they can affect how it runs tho.

awesome… well i got it started its just sittin at a high idle like 1500rpm i tried to adjust the idle but the the knob won’t turn… so i don’t kno what the deal is with that it should turn but its stuck… and my car stills backfire when its running sounds like i have a built engine on 2step lol

What made it start?

yea some details would be nice. and from what i’ve learned, any bolt on the motor that is “painted over” shouldn’t be adjusted unless u know what ur doing. don’t adjust the idle if its running like crap. fix the problem then adust it once its running ok. cuz if u lower the idle then fix the problem, u’ll be idling much lower, and might even stall.