car wont start

here is the situation i got a 91 integra shell and i installed a new motor into it and now it doesnt start. i have checked everything twice already, i checked all the connection and still it doesnt start, but it turns over. the car does get spark and fuel. timing is correct as well as the rotor position on the distributor. i checked for trouble codes on the ecu and the only one i got was a code 13 (atmospheric pressure/pa senor). can someone tell me what that is. thanks

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it sounds like u not gettin no power to your fuel pump, if u dont get power to that u wont get any spark, i know from experience. its most likely the 15A fuse in the fuse box located in on ur driver side wall. its at the far top right hand corner. it says sumthing like altenator etc.

the fuel pump does turn on when the key is on though

you say you’ve got spark AND fuel, so…

have you double checked to make sure your timing belt isn’t off by a couple of teeth?

you sure your distributor isn’t installed backwards? (you can get it 180 degrees off if you really try)

I believe that code is for the MAP sensor. Without that it’ll still start, but run like shit.

Check your fuel pressure - it may be too high/low.

It really sounds more like a timing issue of some kind (timing belt slipped a couple of teeth or distibutor installed 180 degrees backwards) since you’re getting spark and fuel…