car won't start

Ok so I’m having trouble starting my integra, basically yesterday I accidentally stalled and then after that the car would not crank up. I was able to pop the clutch and drive it home, however I assumed my starter was bad and replaced it today, the battery is fine as well as alternator, the fuses look okay, and everything, I am totally confused as to what might be causing the car to have issues starting, as I can pop the clutch and get the car going it just wont turn over. it just makes kind of an electrical whining noise. If anyone has any suggestions I would be greatly thankful.:shrug:

pull your spark plugs and take a look at them

I need you to be more specific. Is the starter actually turning over? Or is it just clicking?

Has it been hot recently in your area?

Ok so basically you can hear the starter and the bendix moving, but the engine itself is not cranking. yeah it is pretty damn hot right now in ga. basically i stalled and tried to start back up and it just sounded like the battery was dead at the time. I am thinking to check the grounds in the morning?

Whats a bendix?

Check your spark plugs

If your STARTER is engaging, your motor is Cranking Over.

If it just cranks and cranks but never starts, it’s not Firing Up.

Which are you experiencing?

If it was just Clicking, the problem would (typically) be your starter or battery.

If it is Cranking but not Firing Up, you (typically) have a spark/fuel problem.

Given the high temperatures, and age of the car, our MainFuelRelay is prone to dying and causing a no-start issue.

If you can roll-start the car and drive with no issues, it sounds like your starter or something ignition related that took a dive.

That’s odd that the problem started after you stalled it.

It’s possible that your alternator fried and it stalled because of it. Thus, not charging your battery and having a low charge trying to restart the car. I learned this the hard way after I installed a new alternator on a re charged battery and accidentally forgot to plug the harness back in hahaha.

Answering unifieds questions will definitely help, as well as the spark plug question. Lastly, did anything flicker or shut off before the car finally stalled? As in the radio started turning on and off when you were braking and then the car stalled?

Even if you field tested the alt/battery, its possible its getting an open circtu and draining itself. Electrical are little gremlins.

the spark plugs all look fine, it is just clicking,. I am starting to think maybe it is a bad re manufactured starter, but the stalling out was my fault, then i tried to start it back up and that’s when my problems arose. the headlights come on fine as well as the dash lights and radio, I’m about 90% percent sure it is not the alternator and i tested the battery today which is fine. How can I check the main relay?

If it was the main relay it would still crank just not start. If all your lights and accessories work then its probably not your battery or it would still try to crank just slowly. I would check your wiring from the battery to the starter and the ground from the starter. Cleaning the connections wouldn’t hurt either. Sounds like a starter or wiring problem.

Clicking is caused from power, ground or bad device. Don’t rule out the cables being bad either. I had an intermittent problem with my old Explorer not wanting to start. I threw 2 starters/alternators and batteries at it and it would still have the problem. Turns out, it was highly common for the power & ground cables to get corrosion inside the cables themselves and build the resistance to the point of it not starting. I cut my cables apart and about every 2" there was an inch of corrosion. So, never rule out ground/power cables either.

I would get a high amp fast starter. Like the ones they use at shops to start project cars. They send a high amp to the battery that allows them to start immediately. If that doesn’t get the start to move…replace the starter

If the starter has a warranty I would replace it. If that doesn’t fix it, replace the wires. It doesn’t hurt to have new ones, and they aren’t expensive. Hell, you can make your own for cheap, and higher current capacity. We all know how shitty Honda left their ground cables. They’re prone to corrosion.

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update. It was in fact the starter, it seems the remanufactured one I bought was defective, I swapped for another and it starts up perfect now!:slight_smile: Thanks for the help though

Remans will always be troublesome lol.