car wont turn on at all

hey guys im having bit of a hardtime finding why my car wont turn on at all. this was my fourth build, never ran into this problem before. its a 91 integra ls four door with abs. ls vtec fuse box under the dash. at first everything would turn on just fine but the only thing was that it didnt wanted to start. jump the starter now everything just powered off and wont turn on at all. i’ve check my fuse box both of them checked all my grounds, and my battery still no clue? could it be my icu? im not real good with electrical when it comes down on finding out what it is. any help would be appreciated. anything i should check? i ran out of options. thanks

i just checked all the ground. everythings is on, tried my battery onto my other da and it started like a champ. checked the icu everything seems to be lookin clean, no burnt spots, nothing. my fuse box seems to flow with the multimeter. just when i hook up the battery theres no sudden spark on the terminals? running out of ideas? did anyone encountered these problems before? what did you do? any opinions ? car driving me nuts

you check the battery fuse under the hood?

yes i have checked it with a multimeter, all the fuse seems to be good? im rechecking my grounds again and redoing it making sure its grounded for good. checked and redid my engine harness for any cuts or breaks in the wires and made sure the ground was on. checked fuses under the driverside dash, things seems to be good there also? :shrug: everytime i plug up the battery i still dont get a spark whats the deal?

my car wont turn on at all.
What exactly does that mean???

1- Turn on ign. and nothing happens.
2- Turn on ign. and you get cluster lights but engine will not crank, [turn over] when ign. is tuned to start.
3- Turn on ign. to start and engine does crank, [turn over] but will not start.

Have you checked to see if there is power at the ign. switch, white or white/black lead? 94

well nothing turns on when the keys are in. feels like its not hooked to the battery. i didnt check the ignition switch wire, battery is off. I had to redo the engine harness, found a cut i needed to fix. the harness is almost done, after its plugged in i’ll check the ignition wires. oh one thing, while this was happening, the white wire with black strip was a lil cut, from the previous owner’s alarm, what wire is that? do you know what the wire colors on the ignition are? that would be helpful thanks.

You need to get a Helms manual. I’m not trying to bust your chops, it is just going to be the easiest way for you to solve this. I mean, fcm talked specifically about the wire you are asking about and you completely missed it.

i understand that but my funds are limited now. been unemployed for a few months, being a fulltime student really really sucks. time to save. my computer crashed so i wasnt able to check posts but been redoing the harness, checking for grounds, etc. anyways, if the white/black wire isnt getting power, or anything on the ignition, how would i track it down? could it be something with the fuse box under the driver side? i came to a point that i cant really focus, have another build and trying to get that done also. anyone knows the wire diagram for the ignition wires? and please be patient with me, if your going to post something thats not going to help me then plz dont wast your time. im not trying to be rude. just getting to the point thanks.