carbon fiber headliner...

ebay item but looks ok, just wondering if anyone has seen this, and there opinons. kinda steep in price…carbon fiber liner

your interior will be lighter… its not bad looking… depending on what color everthing else is… if you have black pillars and dash im sure it will look good…

stock headliner for a sunroof vehicle weighs about 7 pounds. you’ll save more weight replacing your stock driver’s seat with a 200-dollar tenzo “racing” seat.

it may not be purposeful, but DAMN, it looks nice

especially considering I have a gray roof, with black dash and pillars…

Damn that headliner looks sweet I wouldnt mind one in my teggy.

:dance: I don’t want one…I need one!

LOL @Vtec :smiley:

damnit i need 1 too…or anything for that matter. My cars in the garage and thats where my cat kinda lives and i walked in on him lying down on my roof :mad: damn that sob! i startled him and he fell thru my sunroof and on his way down mustave dug his claws into the roofing and ripped claw marks down the roof … GRRRRR so angry

i wouldn’t mind one of those and the cargo cover as well.