carbon fiber wrap

So I picked up a couple of new doors yesterday. They’re in great shape, but they are white and my car is maroon. eventually I am going to paint the entire car, but until then I was thinking of wrapping the doors with carbon fiber vinyl. It will be temporary, I just want to replace my doors, they are getting rusty and the passenger door has a hole right in the middle. also the window mechanism is broken in the driver door. I am experienced in applying vinyl and I know I can make it look good. i’m really not fond of the flat, dull look of carbon fiber vinyl, but I was thinking about clear coating the hell out of it and then polishing it.

I guess i’m just looking for opinions. thanks

I’ve seen CF vinyl clear-coated before. It looked ‘ok’. It would indeed look better than mismatched paint though!

If you’re planning on getting the car painted anyway, imo, it would be a waste of time and money to put a bunch of time trying to perfect this clear-vinyl application.

Just wrap them, make it look decent, and call it a day. Put the time and money into the actual paintjob.

I wholeheartedly agree with this statement too. Wrapping the doors is going to be big money. Almost as much as the cost of having the doors painted. My friend wrapped the trunk on his DC2 and just the cost of material alone was already close to $150. You still have the cost of labour to include with that price (trust me, wrapping is not as easy as it seems if you are not familiar with the process) and really the big question is… why? Why make your doors look like CF but not the rest, like the trunk or hood etc? And why waste that money? If you need to lose some change paypal me. I’m always happy to except some donated cash for gas and what not. Don’t forget too that anything glued on can one day come unglued. Have fun dealing with that mess, ugh. No thanks lol.

honestly it might cost 100 bucks to do, and I am pretty good at vinyl work. I repainted the hatch after I filled the sunroof holes, and its black. the rest of the car is torino red (I think that’s the official color) im going to paint the roof black and im looking at a carbon fiber hood that I might pick up today. I agree that having only wrapped doors would look “off” or not good at all. ill probably just plasti dip them black until I can get a chance to have them painted. I still need to replace my fenders and fix some rust before painting is even an option.
I haven’t seen real carbon doors for the da’s, but I know doors for the eg are very expensive and not really safe for a dd. but I like the look of carbon doors.