Carpet issue help!!!!!!!!!!

There’s a db1 with brand new black carpet in junk yard for 15 bucks would that fit the DA9??? Helpp!!! Thanks guys!!!

as long as they have the same number of doors and the same tranny…the gear shifter is not that important though…my DB2 has carpet from a DA9

So ur saying a 4 Door integra carpet should fit the 3 door integra? Is it the same since the doors are smaller is the carpet really fit my DA Kuz am planning to
buy it tomarooe lmk thanks

Ok u do know what a db1 is right? A 4 door I didn’t realize u said u put da9 carpet into db2 yea there the same BUT my question is will carpet
from a 4 door 2g fit DA9?? V

He said as long as your da9 has the same number of doors as the db1 it will work, so I guess that’s another way of saying “No”?

Dang u fools don’t got to get all sarcastic about shit just say yes or no and I got the carpet and it fit thanks anyways!!!


link to carpet

there is a write up on how to do this on T-I. not very hard, most important step i can remember was let it sit in the sun for a while so it heats up and becomes stretchy, oh and be VERY careful when you cut. I will be using this kit on my DB1

and 2 door carpet will not work because carpet is molded and it wouldn’t fit right