Carpet Question...

Does anyone know if anyother carpet from similar cars as our 2ndgen integ’s have similar carpet? I was thinking that the civics might have the same style and also the 3rd gen integs too but im wondering aboout fitment. if anyone knows from personal experience let me know :dozing: Every color of Harry Potters, including “vomit”.:slight_smile:

Carpets been covered before. Get the OEM carpet from Acura or risk head aches. The OEM carpet isn’t cheap, but it’s the only one that really fits well.

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thanks. i’ve been having that dreaded water leak so i removed the carpet and planned to get a cleaner one. Fixed one and now another one is coming from somewhere so yea gotta fix that junk. yea i was just wondering cuz of course i wanted to save a couple bills

The replacements from 1aauto are formed but without cutouts. I’ve used them on both 1st and 2nd gen tegs and preludes also. Other than a lesser number of pile per inch, they work great and a $100 each compared to:rockon: $5-600 oem. And OMG the freaking colors! Any ricer/tuner can match their gauges or ginormous tach or lcd backlite. Plus they offer $60 replacement floor mats which work great. And no, I’m not the owner or salesman. I’ve just seen peoples eyes lite up when you put new carpet in and have it up for sale.:angel:

hmmm…very interesting to hear… i have been contemplating what to do here for a few months. see, i have a RHD project going on, but dont have a carpet for it, however, i DO have the original carpet from my 91 LHD. it fits, but the cut outs are in the wrong spots. i called ACC a while back , and the people there dont know their butt from their elbow. i asked if the carpets came pre-cut, and the lady there was dumbfounded, “yes sir, they come molded to fit.”

–exactly. wow , just wow.