Hey can anyone tell me where I can get some new carpet for my 92 teg? I have some water damage to mine…happened two days ago…I live in TN where all the storms are right now and about a foot and a half of water was just standing in my car…everything is fine but the carpet…any help would be wonderful! Thanks guys! What are some good seats to install in my car too?

check out ebay…or in superstreet, theres an ad for ACC custom carpets for around 160-200, i’ve seen on ebay for $110 for red carpet.

I beleive JCwhittney has them for 200$. I don’t know if its whittney or whitney. Whatever. Good luck.

Whitney :wink:

if the damage is not physical, but only the color, u can try bleaching it, then dye’ing it black/red/any color u’d like. but just make sure u bleach it in a big bucket. and dont try to squish it all in. cause i did, and left me with some spots that didnt get bleached, and it’s a bish to bleach that spot now. it’s like, super-sain black colored.