Castrol GTX Startup

My roommate just did his oil change with the new Castrol GTX Startup 10w30 on his Accord. He said he noticed the engine was much quiter (immediately) and the oil didn’t slosh around as much (looking at the cams – I didn’t even know you could do that) compared to other oils. He usually used Valvoline.

Castrol GTX is my oil of choice. I want to know if any of you guys have used the Startup formula in your tegs.

no, but i use Mobil1 synthetic in mine and i notice the same quieting properties. i used to use Castrol GTX also, but when i had my Silverado, i started using Mobil1. just stuck with it.

Mobile 1…^^^I get a similar experience.

was using whatever was on sale for 39cents each at kragens…

then i finally went to gtx and seems to burn less oil now:)

theres a reason honda dealerships use castrol :roll:

because it’s cheap…

:wtf: are you talking about dood. All Honda motor oils are made by Mobil/Exxon. Trust me, this is something I have to know working there. I also have a quart of Honda 10w-30 right next to me to verify that.

A friend let Ontario Honda in canandaigua, NY, do an oil change on his car (03 Accord), they used conoco 10-30

Canada may be different, but I know MANY dealerships dont even use the Honda oil when they do oil changes. If you have anything other than a Hybrid or S2K, they use bulk oil from a different company. The only time they put Honda oil in the cars is only if the customer asked to make sure that Honda oil is getting put into it, but other than that, you get cheap bulk oil.

any oil will do … just add some Lucas oil treatment

Castrol GTX 10W-30. Does the LUCAS OIL treatment work that good? Meaning is it safe for the teg?

dont use any additives with oils, they already have additives. but should i try the start up gtx now? because i use valvoline maxlife 10w30 should i switch? do you recommend i switch?

I bought a one quart bottle of castrol gtx 5w30 and 4 quarts regular 5w30 for my next oil change.Did your friend use a whole 4 quarts for the oil change or just one quart mixed with regular castrol gtx?

ive used lucas in my car… it didnt help oil consumption… car was quieter when i started it… just the first block or so when the motor would feel like it was chunkin up … my guess is the lucas would gob up in the oil pan and when the pump hit it to suck it it would drop power and it would feel like that

lucas is like caramel for those who havent tried it

He bought all 5qt for his Accord.

that oil is 3.09 a quart geez its a lot

the Mobil1 is $22/5QT jug (before my Wally World discount :D). how much is your engine worth?

a few hundred…or less…and im a poor person with no money to spend on extra things, especially with a leak its useless to buy good oil

well, then yeah, i guess it wouldn’t matter

Read this before using or recommending Lucas or any other additive.