cat back fitment

did some searching and couldnt find what im looking for. im wondering will a catback exhaust for a 94 integra fit on a DA? i know the length between header and catback will need an extension or messing with, and the DC exits on the passenger side instead, but those arent an issue. mainly wondering if the axle back will clear LCA and if the bends are right.


i am sure you could make it work but why not just get the correct catback?

cause im getting a a header and the catback with muffler BNIB for $200. all stainless


my whole exhaust system except for the header is from a dc. i have a hollowed cat, buddy club spec 3 2 piece mid pipe and a custom axle back.

no need to extend anything cause the dc is longer then a da so that means you have to shorten it like i had to do. i had to modify the cat by clocking the front flange so it lined up with my header. then i had to cut ~2-3" from the resonator pipe so the hanger for the rear section of the midpipe would line up. the axle back was custom for a dc so had to shorten it up and weld it to the rear section of the midpipe cause it didn’t have a flange to bolt them together. it sounded great but it was a little raspy cause there was no resonator on it when i bought it so i welded in a cherry bomb glasspack. the only thing i have left to do is weld on a new hanger onto the resonator pipe cause i had to cut the original one off cause it was ~2-3" back too far.

with a little work it can fit, but if you don’t want to have to mod it to fit get something that is for a da. i only have this exhaust cause my old one got ripped off when i ran over a deer. hope this helps you out.

doesnt sound to bad to make fit. this cat back im getting has the flange and all for the axle back…so it sounds like that wont have to be modded…and then my header is a 4-1 and may come up a hair short (for a DA exhaust) so i may only have to cut a little bit to fit a cat in there.