Cat Stahsl, squeeking/rattling sound from belt area

ok I was driving home getting off the off ramp one day pressed my clutch in put it in neutral… and car stahsl… :wtf:

look im low on gas, try to start it, wont crank what so ever! so i say maybe im out of gas, I call my roomate brings gas,

it starts to crank a little, trying
then I hear it pumping trynig harder and boom it starts… 5 rev it up, exhaust real quiet (usually loud, thermal with testpipe) and sqeeking/rattling sounds from belt area, sounds like something isnt catching right, but all belts are spinning, then it stahs.

well I get it started again and drive it to my g/f which was the closest place whole way I cant stop, if it went under 2g rpm it would stahl, and it was so loud my roomate following behind with windows up said he could hear the rattling.

anyone have any idea what it oculd be, I am going to look today and try and figure it out, so stuff to look for would help :slight_smile: thanks!

oh and prior too it I could hear a little rattling at high rpm and acceleration like somehting was loose! and RPMs were crazy, like jumping around and shit and I knew something was going to happen

Doesn’t sound good…

Clogged cat, timing jumped teeth, faulty ignition components, clogged fuel filter from running gas too empty, internal engine failure, etc.

I would start by pulling the valve cover to check the cam gears to see if the timing has jumped.

If that is not it, I would check for adequate fuel and spark, then go from there.

Good luck.

yea, I know its not clogged cat, dont have one hehe got strait threw… I will pull the valve cover off tho, what will it look like it the timing belt jumped?

also all belts were spinning tho from what I could see!

You really need to invest in a $15 hayne/chilton manual. The Helms manual is the best, but pricey. The cam gears have marks on them, if one has jumped, it will be readily apparent, and when the crank is at Top Dead Center, the crank pulley has a white mark that points to a mark on the lower cover, you will see it. Do yourself a favor and get a manual, they are cheap and give you the info you need to fix most problems. Good Luck

oh ya, do a search on TDC and I am sure you will find a pic of the gears and corresponding marks.

I have a haynes manual :slight_smile: