CD player motor error

I’m sure I won’t get much help considering my only choice as of right now is to pay Alpine $100 to repair it but here it goes:

My friend took a cd out of my cd player (alpine cda-7977) and when he tried to put a different cd in, it would not go in (would not take the cd), and the face plate would not go back up. Now if try to put a cd in or angle it down it will go down but not back up and still you cannot insert a CD. In the fully up position the face plate is also a little loose (you can push it forward, was not like that before, but I had to manually move it back to the upward position since the motor button would not work)

Also on the cdplayer display when I go to source>Disc it just says Error or sometimes ‘Eject’

Anyone had anything remotely close happen to your cd player? I’m desperate, I have my cd changer but I have not had this cd player long, and hate the idea of spending $100 to send it to Alpine and not having a cd player for a week.


Is it under warranty?

Originally posted by acuracy90
Is it under warranty?

no. I did not buy it from an authorized Alpine dealer. That’s why it is going to cost $95 + shipping to have it repaired.

If it is a few years old I would try to find a good deal on ebay or and get yourself a new one, newer model…

Just a suggestion

Yeah, the idea here is I have no money. I got this cd player for about $250 cheaper than retail on Ebay, and am paying for it without a warranty. I also only got it in October.