cel 43

This my first da. Its a 91 Teg with a jdm b20 swap. I just swap the moto abt 2wks ago and still its throwing a cel 43. Which I dnt understand cuz the motor I got only has 35000 miles on it. I replaced the oxygen sensor I ran fine abt 4 days and the light flashed on I turned the car off the light didn’t show back up until two days ago. I put a universal bosch sensor. I filled up friday abt 2 wks ago in a wk and a half went by I used almost more than half a tank. Then I only got 205 on a full tank. So this car using gas really bad trying to find out why its drinking it like a v8.,

If it’s guzzling gas, then it’s the O2 sensor. Don’t get one of those universals that you splice in. Get the OEM specific that plugs in. The crimps/splice can change resistance and in turn change the voltage coming from the O2 sensor.

Ok, I was thinking around that route. I should of know better I was wnting to see if tht would of fix my problem. Im know in between a bosch 1yr or a denso 90 day warranty the price differences isn’t much tho. How much should my fuel milage increase? Oh its stilling blowing blk smoke when I get on it. I think its due to my 02

Could be, you’re running stupid rich right now. From the vehicles perspective, it’s better to be rich than lean. To an extent obviously.

Do u know anything abt. Cold air intake?

Keep your questions pertaining to your original issue.

You already made a thread asking about intakes. Use that thread.