CEL Code 3 HELP!!

i just finished doing a swap in my DA and im throwing a code 3 which is for the MAP sensor or its wiring. I converted the plug to OBD1 and made sure the connections were good. I tried changing the map sensor but there was no change and i still got the CEL. any other ideas on what it can be?

the car starts up normal and idles pretty high when its cold. As it warms up the car idles around 500-800 rpms. When i push the gas its normal but once i let off, the rpms drop way down to where the car is about to die out. When i hold it at a certain rpm revving, the car doesn’t stay steady, it drops and rises a tad bit.

Could the o2 sensor cause this problem? on the car i have a brand new TPS and had it calibrated so im pretty sure its not that.

any help would be appricated. THANKS!!!