cel code Gremlins

Sunday my mfr finally died(240,000 miles isn’t bad). I planed on doing the soldering fix but the damn thing sounded like a spray can when you shake it. It was replaced with an Oem unit and 2 fuses that blew along with it. The Car has been fine for the past week. Tonight I went to a meet up and when I was getting ready to leave, the check engine light came on. I pulled the carpet and checked the ecu window (90-91 obd0 model) and it was flashing a code 43. The car drove fine, no sputter no hesitation or any of that nonsense usually related when that code comes on, the car did smell like it was running a bit rich though . Drove it home to check out the cell code list and it came up as the fuel supply system. After looking up the codes I went back to the car to verify it was code 43. Put the key in turned on the car and boom code 43. what was strange was I didn’t get a check engine light. I turned the car on the ecu was still flashing code 43 but still no check engine light, the car didn’t stumble,hesitate,bog,etc… so I took it for a test drive. Drove the car for about 20 minutes, it drove like normal, drove from low to high speeds to see if it would cut out or hesitate and it was fine other than it smelling like it was running a bit rich. kept going to see if the Check engine light would pop back up but it never did. Parked, shut it off, turned it on car fired up fine, no problems but still throwing a code and no check engine light. I took the battery off to reset the ecu, I’m gonna check it in the morning.
I"m sure it’s a bad/dying 02 sensor.
My question is, Has this happened to any one else? In most of my experiences with check engine lights and codes, you usually get a code when the light comes on it comes on and I check the code to see wth is wrong. it’s just a little weird to me that It throws a code but no light comes on.

curious. aside from ur code 43 issue. does the check engine pilot light come on every time u put the car to the on position? have the car off, then u put the key to “on”… the check engine light should come on. i just wanna verify that the light still works… and that the cel bulb on the dash didn’t blow.

but regarding code 43, i remember a few good posts here n there regarding it. its hard to search it but i’m sure u can find it. might have to google the g2ic site.

sorry for the late post, internet was down for a while. I reset my ecu and have been driving it for the last couple of days. NO check engine light, no cel code and drives like normal.:shrug: Ive been keeping my eye on it but I still plan on replacing the 02 sensor, I noticed the previous owner did a crappy job of relocating/wiring up the sensor, so I’m gonna do it right.

make sure that the o2 sensor wiring is soldered except for where the connector is.