CEL on

So I went to start the car today and it started got up to idel and then just died and wouldn’t restart it will crank but not fire. When I turn the key on the lights on the dash come on but the CEL and ABS light stay on instead of shutting off like they should. What will cause this?

Uhhh… Jump the service-connector and check for a fault code?

I’ll check but I doubt it will show a fault since the CEL didn’t come on while it was running.

Ok as I suspected CEL won’t show code. Just to recap my problem

  1. Car started reved to cold start RPM
  2. Immediately died no sputter nothing just like I turned the key off
  3. Car will crank but not start
  4. When key is turned to the on position all the dash lights come on as they should but they stay on (Cel and ABS)

I should mention this is a B16 OBD1 engine

MFR is activating as it should. I’m lost as to where to start since i’ve never had the CEL stay on. I have a B18 Teg also OBD1 can I take the ECU out of the B18 and put it in the B16 to see if it’s the ecu causing problems?

yes you can swap ecu’s just to check and see if it’s the problem. sounds like ecu or electrical problem.