CEL question

I have a 92 GS . it’s OBD1 right?

i’m planning to dyno the car. I wanna use the Wide Band O2 sensor of the shop and take out the stock O2 sensor.

The question is will the removal of the stock O2 sensor trigger a CEL and make the car run in SAFETY MODE. If it does, it will affect the engine performance and how can i use the shops Wide Band sensor and tune the car right. TIA.

ne help is appreciated.

403 cams
cam gears

92-95 are OBD-1.

I have a 90 (non-OBD) and I cut the wire for the O2 sensor and got no CEL. Car ran actually better than before because the sensor was bad. It will run rich without an O2 sensor I believe, so don’t do it too long or you’ll ruin your catalytic converter. So it is in theory affecting performance but I didn’t notice a difference from no O2 sensor to new O2 sensor. My car is old :frowning:



someone just confirmed it to me too that it won’t make the car run in Limp mode/safety mode/