CEL with no start...no Luck...

I have this problem with my teg ls/vtec turbo. I did search this forum and couldn’t find any answer. I did manage to start the engine but the CEL light went on and stayed lit. I had to step on the gas pedal and hold it at 2,000 rpm in order for the engine not to die out. While I was holding the gas pedal, I can hear the exhaust making popping sound. Once I let go of the gas pedal, the engine rpm dropped to zero and died out. I noticed that when I turned the key to the on position, I can hear the MFR makes a clicking sound then I can hear the Fuel pump priming while the CEL is still lit. I then heard the second clicking sound from the MFR while the CEL is still lit. I didn’t hear the third click from the MFR. I then cranked and started the engine with the CEL still lit up and the car starts.Recently, I installed new parts such as the distributor assembly with new ignitor, ignition coil, rotor, shields, cap, new battery. I was wondering that the CEL is suppose to turn off completely after the 2nd click of the MFR??? Also I couldn’t retrieve any DTC codes from the ECU. Sometime I have starting issues where it will start one day and sometime not start at all.?? ANyone here on the forum ever experience or encounter this problem in the past with their integra?? Your help is greatly appreciated…

first two things main fuel relay and then look on the back bottom side of your intake manifol there is a plug (your tps) make sure its vclicked in mine wiggled loose and did almost the same thing. another thing would be to check the fpr get a guage and see what kind of FP your getting… what are you using for fuel management?

I did check the fuel pressure and I’m getting 40 psi. I’m using rc 720cc with walbro fuel pump. The CEL is always lit and didn;t dissapear throughout the process when starting the car and the MFR clicks only twice, not three times. I’m using hondata with the p72 ecu.

sounds to me like you messed up your plug wire positions. The order is 1342 dist rotats counter clockwise. can’t remember where #1 wire goes on the dist cap.

distributor order>>>>>Bottom left is 1, bottom right is 2, top left is 3, top right is 4. To Cylinder starting from the farthest right moving to the left>>>4,3,2,1. The order is right when I inspect it.

No Start Issue!!!

I have a NO START ISSUE with my ITR with a LS/Vtec Turbo. I did search the forums here but with no success. I could not start my car but it does turn over. The CEL light was always lit and on solid, never disappear. I try to pull the DTC code off the ECU but the CEL never flashes. The only thing that flashes is the ABS which is non-related the CEL. I recently changed my spark plugs, spark plugs wires, distributor assembly, rotor, cap, ignition module, ignitor, and MFR. The CEL is still on solid and car still would not start but only turns over. Anyone here has experienced the same problems as I?? Your help and opinion are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

i think you’re running rich, unburnt fuel going through your exhaust causing the ‘poppin’ sound. what injectors and fuel pump are you running? do you have a fuel pressure regulator? if so…whats the reading? how come you can’t check your codes? i think it could be the O2 sensor throwing the light. let us know what you find.

I’m using RC720cc injectors. with walbro fuel pump, stock fuel regulator with a fuel pressure reading gauge show 30-40 psi fuel pressure. I tried to get the DTC with the paperclip trick and I could not retrieve any codes. the engine just crank, turnover, and doesn’t fire up.

Did you try using a jumper wire in the plug on the passenger side footwell?
That is how you get the check engine lite to flash the code.