CenCal:Aftermarket,jdm,B17A1, sprint harts and much more!!


Dibs on skunk2 lower tie bar barring pictures. How much shipped to 77642? Thanks in advance

pics of bumper with fogs

text me for pictured plz

dam…wish i could buy the swap off you!!

Don’t part out that b17 yet…I’m waiting to get me $$$ in a week or 2…I’ll hit you up when I got it…very interested in it…

No ones made offers it took me so long to get every part for that b17a1 all sensors its ready to bar in any car i just smogg it and bard it in my da nice swap honestly
My phone numbers on there for serious buyers

What’s the compression on there across all 4cylinders. Mileage too.

Mileage is like 130-147xxx comp : 190 189 190 187 done 3 months ago i havent done a recent but never has over heated or smokes at all not even on vtec ill do another compression test this weekend its still in my car just might need a new clutch soon

Sounds good. U should video you tube it lol.

all items still fir sale, Clip on rear visor for 160 OEM style

all items still up for grabs; ask me what other DA parts your looking for might have it

How much for those side skirts ?

picture of the visor to ebman402@gmail.com if you could

pictures sent!

If you still have the b17a1 are you willing to part it out ?

where are you located? I’m interested in the lower tie bar

depends what?