center lights on headlights

do the center lights on the headlights come on without the outer lights being on stock? just wondering if my teg was messed with before i bought it.

Are you talkin’ about your fog lights, and do they come on or they dont when you turn on your headlights. If they do come on when you headlights are on they have been rewired to do so, if not then their is a switch (the third one to your right of the steering wheel) to turn them on. Hope this info helped. :ok:

my bad, its the first switch to the right of the steering wheel.

It depends on what model integra you have whether the switch is to the left or right of the steering wheel. From the factory they only come on when you have your headlights on. If you look in the teg tips section you will find instructions on how to rewire them to come on whenever you want.

thats what i thought. just wondering tho, thanks.