Central Cali meet aug 30 2009 11am to 7 pm

This is the first meet being held in central Cali am new to this website and am sponsord by Honda of Santa maria ca and am trying to get alot of Da’s or Db1 Db2 here in central Cali . There will be no charge first come serve. It is a huge lot at the Honda dealer. There will be venders food stands djs and a concert let me know if any tegs are willing to come it’s gonna be big thank you . Adress is 2175 S Bradley rd , Santa maria ca us. I’ll give you the phone number to the Honda dealer if ur a vendor or just have question call 805 922 5721 ask for justin for info thank you!!

thats about a 4 hour drive for me… ill think about it :shrug:


I bet MattyG2 will show for this.

Usually meets are in nor cal or so cal and me and all the members of Honda of Santa maria said why don’t we just make a meet in central cal!? That was our though and I opinion it’s great you don’t have to travel from one side of Cali to another!! And I drive a DA9 and I hope alot of you guys can come out here!! I know to some it’s a long drive but it’s in aug 30 so if you guys really wanna come you have time to save money plus tune up cars for drive . Our town is very safe you don’t have to worry.about any one trying to steal ur stufff!! Peace GERM OnE

This sounds like fun I think about it cuz it its a big drive the farthest I ever tooken my da was to sacremento from the bay area. I just gota fix some minor stuff to my car nothing to big. Jasperda9 if you go which car you gona bring your black one or green one?

Probly my JasperDA Cbas. Although the black one still has AC. Hmmmm

the green one or hell take them both have jose drive one

Any off the g2’s gonna attend this meet let me know Kuz it seems like there is no interest in it !!!


i dont think ill be there or jasper (not try to speak for him) but there a da ef meet up here the same day if it was like a week soon or later then that might be able to happen

I know I herd about that’s meet haha o well hopefully some g2s come trough …

yea i hope it turns out good for you

Sorry I can’t make this one…I gotta hit up the Local meet (EF vs. DA)

That’s not to far far away from me, I think that I could make it.
I’m only here in Oceanside, California.

Plus, I have working A/C.:slight_smile:

If u can make it it would be pretty good I think it might me pretty good meet and here in Santa Maria it’s never hot or to cold haha


Sounds awesome but ill b outta town that weekend. sorry man, maybe next time its only an hour away from me.

Yea it’s cool bro and I noticed ur from Santa Barbara every Friday and Saturday alot if
imports kick it at the JC penny parking lot around 9:30 or 10 hit up are ur friends and mobb deep it’s gets crackin every weekend!! But spread the word about the HSM meet aug 30 at the Honda of Santa Maria dealer!!