Centre bolt ontop of strut!?

In december I payed to get my car lowered and they could only do the front because the rear strut fork/lca bolts were seized. So I bought new lca/sf bolts and a set of omni lca’s. Well when they lowered the rear it kinda sat high still on the . Its was supposed to be a 2.5" drop and it looks like stock.

I checked and they did put the coilovers in so that wasnt the prob so I said ehh maybe they need to just settle. Well Its been about a month and the right has settled nicely, but the left still sits like stock ride height in the rear.

So I took the little rear strut tower hole plastic covers out to see what was wrong. and in the right rear the top centre stut bolt wasnt even tightened down, it was just threaded on and left like that. I tried to tighten it down but it just kept spinning so I said fuk it maybe theres a special way it has to be done. Well its pissing me off cause its really stupid looking and it squeaks like crazy.

Either the threads are stripped out or theres a special way to do it. Is there?
Ive been driving around with it like that for about a month, is there anything bad that could have happened due to this? and how would i Fix it, remember, it just spins when i try to tighten down the bolt do go down at all.

Thx, Josh

use vice grips to hold the strut rod in place, while you use the wrench to tighten it down. tighten it until it starts to compress the bushing on the top and that should be good.

will that make the back right sit lower? cuz the rest of the car looks like it was lowered 2.5" except the right rear. its stupid looking.

it could depending on if the springs are loading that nut or not, which i doubt…you dont need vice grips tho, depending in the strut, you may be able to insert an allen key into the top and tighten the nut with an box end wrench…

id say right about now, if youve got time, take both struts out and compare…or take it back and ask them to check it, they could have either put something in the wrong way, or possibly one spring is to long or maybe even for the wrong car

Nah the springs are all for my car because when I had the fronts done the couldnt do the backs so I th=ook the springs home with me, and I watch them install the springs so I know there right. I was just kicked out of the shop by the owner cuz he showed up, and I didnt get to watch the rest of the install. Imma try the allen wrench and box wrench thing. O yea both struts are the same and brand new too, I got them off my friend. their for a DC teg. If that helps clear anything up.

pleather got it. i wouldn’t grab the strut with pliers, might fuck something up.

one of those “if it was a snake it woulda bit you” things. a couple years ago i took one of my struts to my friends shop wondering the same thing… i felt like a jackass when he took the nut off in 5 seconds.