CF ***OEM*** Rear Visor Prototype

I posted a while back about having an OEM Rear Visor in CF. Well here it is, this is the finished product. Anyone interested? Pics installed to follow. BTW, these will be mounted just like OEM. :rockon:

side by side next to an OEM Visor


As promised, we got the finished product installed today.

JDP sells carbon fiber rear visors now.

Yes, I know they do. But this give others options for OEM replica.

are they all carbon fiber or a fiberglass with carbon fiber over lay? an if they mount like oem does they mean you have brackets made for them? what are you sale them for$$$?

interested whats the price?

I forgot to mention, yes these will come with mounting brackets just like OEM.

They are vacuum infused and have a marine clear gel coat and a clear coat for weather protection.


I’d be interested, but I doubt I could afford one before I graduate college next summer. I’d also be interested in a extra set of hardware for my OEM visor.

price? id be interested.

better yett if it was the oem visor

yes price pleaseeee

wow, that’s awsome!!! :rockon:

In for the price as well

If there is a good amount of interest, a groupbuy could be started. Price is at $175 + $30 shipping. I will provide pictures installed very soon. :slight_smile:

fuck i bought the jdp one like 3 weeks ago :confused:

will it fit the four door

in for mounted pics

Sorry, this will not fit a four door.

i have a hatch that doesnt have any holes pic of how I could mount it!!!

This is not a spoiler that goes to your hatch. It goes across top of your back window.

Very clean. the jdp visor is sick, but i think this should give it some stiff compatition(sp)

GL on getting it into production:up:

  1. 90_DA

I’m in for 1! :rockon: