cf trunk

well i have looked all over the place and i cant find any pictures of a cf trunk for a da. If you can find one for me can you please post… and how much are they…and how much is the FAL glass or can i use the stock one if i want?..thanks alot

VIS Racing makes them, no idea on price, but here is a pic.

hey do any of you know if they come with the glass…if not how much and what kind should i get?

dammit none of that stuff will fit my lonely DB

i feel your pain… :down:

hey man thanks alot that helped me out…when i get all the stuff i will post some pics.

Don’t they make a trunk for a DB, a guy up in Portland had one.

Someone did, but for some reason I thought it was in the min. 400’s… :sad:

I can get sedan trunks made but… quantity and cash deposit talks!!!

Does a trunk really weigh that much(not counting the glass in the case of a two door)?

if you dont count the glass then no… theres not much to it… I know the glass is damn heavy

Glass DOES NOT come with the hatch. Hatch usually runs about $375 (thats the lowest price ive seen, shipped), and the glass runs somewhere around $550. That price is for full rear glass set. Some places only sell the rear half glass, not just the glass for the hatch. And yes, the Stock Hatch/Glass combo is heavy. I just changed my blown shocks this weekend for the hatch. And i must say, that it was pretty heavy. Maybe 50lbs :shrug: Thats only a guess, so dont hold me to it. Im not good at guessing weights.

Didn’t Ben Ogle post the weight of a bunch of parts several months ago? thread might not still be around.

I think he has a web page just for the weight of certain parts
Heres another thread about the CF hatch
And another
and another, and im done

Pics of it installed on a car

nm :slight_smile: