Change sticker design?

Do you think I should keep the sticker design as-is, or incorporate the car into the design ? I’ll be placing a new order soon, now is your chance to help make the decision.

i think it looks fine but i did like the old design better.

I agree, the new look is nice but prefer the old design

The font wasn’t changed, it’s just the addition of the Integra. You guys are making it seem like I changed a lot!

As the others said, I like the original design…but with the current design I do like the addition of the car itself.

I don’t mind the new 1 at all I think both of them are good

Thanks for the responses. I’m going to have the new ones made just to see how they come out.

Neil. I’ve tried ordering stickers (white) a couple times, now. It always says there’s four in stock. Then, when I try to pay, it says there isn’t enough in stock for my order. :bang: What’s a guy gotta do to show some love for his (her for the few ladies we have) Teg and online community??

That’s odd, I fixed the inventory just this morning. What were you trying to get? I’ll try to replicate the error on my end.

Okay, Neil. Tried again, today. Was trying to get white. Now they say “Out of Stock”. Ordered silver, instead. At least I got it to work. THANK YOU, for everything you do for us.!!!

Oh yes I’ve been out of white for a while (sorry I didn’t see that earlier). Okay they’ll be mailed out tomorrow.

where can we order the stickers you posted on FB today??