Changing interior bulbs / led swap

I thought I’d add a little page cause the information I gathered on here was a little bit off.

this thread will explain which lights to change for the gauges and climate control, if you’re going to change the bulbs, I see no reason not to use LEDs, cause once you put LEDs in you’ll never have to replace a burnt bulb again!

I personally swapped blue LEDs into mine, but if you wanna keep it looking stock I would suggest using white LEDS over regular white bulbs, I did this swap cause I burnt out a few of my bulbs just removing my gauges for a tach swap.

there is an example of what a blue led swap looks like, note that the lighting in the picture looks a little uneven… it’s actually not uneven but the camera picked it up that way

first of all, you’ll need your vent dash out, there are already instructions on the forums but I will advise… be very careful, I cracked mine.

then remove the gauges with four screws, unplug three wiring harnesses and unclip the speedo cable (during reinstall it will make it a lot easier if you pull slack through the firewall)

rear gauge cluster

gauge cluster top lighting (lights up needles) yes… The needles will light up in your color of choice!!

climate control lighting… fix your buttons if they’re broke while you’re in there, easy 5 minutes of soldering

those three pics show the lights that need replace for the gauges and climate controls

I got all my bulbs off

the reds are 158s stock, they’ll be replaced with 194s (perfect fit)
the greens are some odd size stock, 74s will fit
the yellows are the brown light holders, the 74s are too little for them, you’ll need T1.5-B 74s instead, they’re 74s with a built in base

you’ll want wedge type leds, the have a wide angle of light instead of a straight on beam

total needed bulbs
2x 194 (wedge type LEDs)
5x 74s (wedge type LEDs)
2x T1.5-B 74s (wedge type LEDs)

get extra!!! I broke a bulb and lost one… they’re inexpensive so if I were you’d I’d just prepare

this differs from previous threads, I recommend getting the 74s with the built in base for reason 1, my stock bulbs were melted into the plasic and broken and got stuck inside the base, and 2, the 74s wiggle and could fall out.

for the top green one on the back of the gauge clutser, you’ll have to bend in the metal clips a little to get the 74 to stay, for the other brown bases get lights with bases

hopefully this can help someone out… if anyone has instructions on changing the buttons or clock… feel free to add on… I didn’t go that far but someone else may want to

the main reason I did this swap is because the stock bulbs burn out real easy if you bump them or something… and blue looks cool!

looks real nice and i’m about to change all the interior lights but instead i’m going with amber for the color. this makes me think of getting led instead of regular bulbs. is there a lot of pieces to take out to get to the gauge cluster?

it’s about a 5-10 minute process, you take out the left ash try, remove the screws holding the drivers side cover underneith the dash, pop out the little piece next to the climate controls, take the screws out for the main plastic piece, use a tiny flat screwdriver to pry the main plastic piece out, take out any missed screws while doing so, then the gauges are held in by 4 screws (and wires), and the climate control is easy to get to, couple of screws and a screw… it takes maybe 5-10 minutes to get to the bulbs

if you’re going to replace the bulbs… definitly use LEDs… they’ll never burn out and you don’t have to worry about breaking them while putting it all back together

any tips on removin the climate control? i dont wanna risk breakin anything - thx

you’ll have to pull out your stereo and unscrew a screw from underneight… and push the climate control in towards the firewall a little to get it out of the alignment knobs, just take your time… you shouldn’t have to force anything out

unscrew a screw from underneight… and push the climate control in towards the firewall

ahhh! i see haha thx

What are the exact part numbers you used and how many of each??? I went to the site and couldnt figure out which ones to buy. BTW I am wanting to go blue also.

2x 194 (wedge type LEDs)
5x 74s (wedge type LEDs)
2x T1.5-B 74s (wedge type LEDs)

Great Write Up

Looks really good, Now you got me thinking about doing the same.
Just wondering which bulbs is it that control the needles? (Part Number)
I would like to make them white, and probably go with blue for the rest.

I may be ignorant, but I can not find those part numbers anywhere on the site… Looked everywhere and not seeing it.

Those that you gave are not part numbers. That is the type of bulb.

I’m about to do the almost the same

Super white back with blue needle, so can u please specify which of the circled ones are for needles (all 4)

or better yet, just tell me what colours i need for which part number :wink:

as for “japanboy” go here
and scroll down to approx. mid page

i can’t wait :hyper:

Glad to see a nice “How To” on this subject.

I did mine a long while back but I did mine the harder way by using plain LED’s with resistor mounted to each one. I did an all blue theme also but I added 2 white leds at the top of the Gauge cluster lighting so I could see the needles better.

azntklc: Last I checked our needle dont light up :wink:

Probably seen these already but here they are again :stuck_out_tongue:

Here you can see the 2 white LED in the middle of the 2 blue LEDs at the top

Needles don’t light up?:sipread:

What about “alwap” needles? aren’t they lit blue like it’s shown on the pic? Reflection?

ahhhhhh u just shattered my dreams :bawl:

the needles can light up no problem… they light up blue in my car perfectly fine for nighttime driving

Can you adjust the intensity/brightness of those LEDs like the regular filament bulbs?? I do alot of night driving and normally have my dimmer about half way.

awalp, what happened to the lighting in the middle of the gauge that shows the shift modes?

uh… :manual: 5-speed…?

Do They Have Led’s In Amber?

hey don’t you need 3x 194 wedge type led bulb if your going to replace the low gas warning light?

hey quick question, would you know if the 194 wedge type led bulb would also make the corner lights on headlight assembly brighter?