changing timing belt

how hard is it ???
i have the belt i just want to know how to put it in and not screw up im running a 94 gsr swap with i/h/e nothing really to big but does anyone have like a timing belt guide or something thanx for ur help

Couple of things…Repalce your water pump too. And also, this is considered major maintenance, have someone do it for you if your not car saavy

go buy a haynes or chiltons. and if you have alitlle extra money the bible for teg owners to get is a helminc manual. this was written by acura with a wealth of knowledge on everything about YOUR year of integra. and it only has your year which is great. not just yours and the legend. it is alittle pricey though like $60.
here is the link check it out.

Just to be nice…

thanx all of u without this site i would be lost the books seems like a must and that timing link sure helped me out but im going to do my belt when it gets warmer but i wont wait long.
do u guys think that i should buy a new tensioner as well
im going to get a new water pump

all you are doing is thinking ahead. the tensioner is cheap. and i did mine all at once. water pump and tensioner. and i know that both were still good. but better to be safe than sorry

how mcuh is a tensioner and i water pump for a 94 gsr motor anone know ??

Timing Belt Change

Unless you have the tools to carry out this repair, you may be discouraged. The crankshaft pulley bolt is about 80 ft/lbs of tourque and if you do not have an air impact to remove it, forget it.


i have air tools but just really nervous dont want to screw anything up but i also want to do everything on my car myself not pay anyone

it’s not that hard of a job, but it could potentially do major damage to your engine, so it’s one of those thigns you want to make sure it’s done right,

if you’re off a single tooth onthe cam gear the car will run like shit, if you’re off more than that you could possibly have piston to valve contact and fuck up the whole engine.

more like 130ft/lbs

get someone to help you thats done it before, best way to learn

I got a quick question. How do you get the came gears to line up?