Changing to higher compression pistons

ok so ive been looking at pistons and i was just hoping if anyone could answer a few questions.

Would i be able to run GSR pistons in my B18A1? i was thinking stock GSR pistons or JE makes some kits too.
Also JE makes pistons for our stock engines but mentions theyre designed to be B18A1 w/ B16A head…
Can i run a VTEC head without machining the VTEC ports on the block and going full LS/VTEC and have it function like
a normal head? just having the combustion chamber of the B16A head i need basically.
Would love to go around 10-10.7:1 compression…still able to run pump gas (91 octane) but have some extra power…not “building” it
just might need to replace the rings and figured might as well do this shit while im at it…

Note: JE piston kits match Bore and all other measurements, not 100% on the GSR pistons