Changing wheels studs

Ok my GSR wheels almost flew off but it did not cuz it stayed with one stud well i notice there all mest up my next questions is how to change them its hard i took off the roter brake pads and all even that center lug one the big one in the middle my question is how to take the medal plate with the studs on them so i can change them please help!!!

That same thing happened to me months ago, and well I couldn’t do it without them tools. I just went and paid 20 bucks at an auto parts store to replace them. I took off the whole assembly, don’t what it’s called, but is like the whole arm that holds the disc brake. I then took it to an auto parts store and ask if they can do the job. I paid and got it back 30 mins later with the studs put in. I then installed back the arm to the car.

It is possible to do it by yourself but that thing is stuck into that hard, and it is an pain in the ass to take it off. Oh yeah and make sure you use the right studs for the tegg.

well i do have that pulley thing u know what im talking about…that thing u use these tool like u put them screws in the holes where the studs are next to then u clamp them and just use that one long screw in the middle and it will pulled backwards so that plate could come out i just wondering if that will work .

i’m assuming it’s the front studs you’re trying to change. your lack of punctuation made your post very difficult to understand.

for the front wheel studs, you have to remove the full knuckle and take it to a machine shop to press the hub out of the knuckle. you will then be able to remove the studs from the hub.

the details for this procedure are covered in the helm manual. i’m not sure why you didn’t consult it before attempting to do a major job on your suspension, but far be it from me to read your mind. :wink:

best of luck.

sorry bro yea they are the front wheels studs…so i have to take the whole thing off then take it to a machine shop then?

is that not what i just said? :shrug:

The way I removed the old wheel studs

I had the unfortunate thing of stripping the wheel stud in the hub assembly, so I took the whole assembly off as one unit and on the back of the rotor I used a dremel with a little cut-off disc to cut the end of the stud and then I just pounded it out from the back and replaced it with a new one.
just an idea that worked for me.