cheapest struts

Where is the cheapest place i can get struts? My stock ones are TOTALLY shot and the ride is horrible. I just need regular struts that will ride comfortably. The cheapest i’ve found is autozone at $52 a piece. If anyone can do better than $40 a rotor i’d appreciate that also!!! Thanx.

For $50 a piece, you can get yourself performance shocks ie. KYB GR2s. I’m assuming you’re currently sticking with stock ride height? You should try maybe NAPA, Pep Boys, Wal-Mart for normal OEM shocks.



SEARS!!! lifetime warrenty… when it pops take it back and they will replace it for free!

they have some pretty good prices

Sears struts suck a$$. My dad put a set on his G2 and they rode worse than the stock ones. Turns out one of the rear ones was bad, plus they didn’t seat one of the front springs correctly. Now he is running a set of KYB GR2 and they are sweet.:ok: