Check Engine light on

Hey guys,

Well I just put in my glo gauges today and they look wonderful…well to cut to the chase. Well as I was taking out my gauges my stupid friend accidentally broke my speedometer gauge and now the gauge won’t work anymore. Well after I put in my cold air intake, glo gauges and quickfire wires I took it out for a spin and then my check engine light came on. I was testing the car out for power output after I had done the intake and wire installation. My car was dead after I got home but I found that the intake was knocking so hard that it disconnected my positive wire and so I put it back in and it worked fine. Then I took it out again and about 5 minutes later my check engine light came on. I don’t know what is causing this as of right now, does anyone have any idea of what it might be?


Check your code then post back up with what one it is. We can help you out a lot more when we know the problem.