Check Engine Light problem

so i had code 6 on from a bad Distributor and replaced it with a NEW one and still have CEL on…ive tried disconnecting the battery for a while…pulled the ECU fuse…pulled the hazard fuse and even tried disconnecting the ECU…nothing still have CEL…any help? maybe im doing something wrong.

What code is it throwing now? 6?

yes…witch i believe is crank angle sensor…obd0 1990 integra

Code 6 should be the ECT.


thanks that fixed the problem!

No problem glad it worked

ok new problem…the CEL is off…but when driving 5-10 minutes the CEL comes on and u pulled over to read it and CEL turned off…so i drove off and 5 minutes later came back on…so i read it while the car was on and Code 6 is still showing…any help?


Was the code 9 there before you replaced the distrubutor? and where did you get your distributor? an intermittent 9 usually is temp related in the housing itself so i would say you need another distrubutor, it is possible that it is a wiring problem though. I would have to look up the wire colors for an OBD 0 car but you can test the wiring or just open your distrubutor up and tighten up the connectors with some needle nose pliers, maybe they are loose


If the distrubutor is a OEM honda one, i would check your wiring to eliminate any questions. Unplug your ECU and your distrubutor and check continuity from connector to connector to connector. FRom the ECU check it on C1 blu/grn to the connector on your distrubutor harness, also do the same for C2 blu/ylw. let me know what happens with that.

I would say to test the CYP sensor but i cant remember the ohm reading it shoudl have, i think 400-600 is it but im not sure. maybe Colin or FCM can jump in and save me on that one :slight_smile: sorry im at work so im only going off what i have in my memory and what i can surf off the net real quick

If your distrubutor came from a non-oem place (autozone, checker, napa, etc) go get another one and see what happens


sorry i mistyped i meant code 6 is still showing…no code 9

Did you replace the ECT? Do you have a service manual?

yes i replaced the ECT and CEL went off…but now it turns on 10-15 minutes of driving…and i have one from the DC model but not DAs


Go threw these test procedures and see what you get.

thanks ill try this…

i cant find anything labeled by the shock towers…what am i looking for

Just start at the top and work your way down. If you follow every step you will figure it out.

If you don’t already have a multimeter get one they are cheap and you will use it. There are tons of guides and tutorials on how to use one if you don’t know how.

As for the wiring, I wouldn’t worry about that just yet.

ok so i got my bros multimeter and got 5V out the harness plug…then measured the resistance on the sensor and got a little over 200…so reset the ECU twice still getting CEL while driving

I guess the next thing to try is swapping ecus, if you know someone with a good ecu try it and see if that works. If it does then replace the ecu. If not then its probably a break in the wire somewhere.

Just an idea, I had to get a donor ecu a while back, and I called a local tuner shop to see if they had one, and they did. The guy was nice enough to let me borrow it for a few hours. It would help if you offer a deposit.

my brother has a 91! lol ill borrow his and see how that goes…thanks for the help