Check engine light will not come on

I am new to the forums. I did a search and came up empty. I have a 92 gs and recently have had problems with the car stalling while either sitting in traffic or traveling at a constant speed (the car starts normally when cold). The check engine light shows no codes which may not be strange, but when I turn the ignition to accessories and finally on, all the dash lights are on except the CEL. I can not get the CEL to light. I pulled the cluster and tested the bulb, it works. Check the yellow wire which feeds the bulb, it has 12 volts. I am out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

do you hear your mail fuel relay click with the key in the ON position? Im having the same prob except all my guage lights are screwed not just the CEL light.

If there are just two wires going to the bulb, which im sure there are then one should be power and one should be ground. test it using the ground for the bulb to make sure its not a bad ground. and if both power and ground are fine and the bulb isnt blown it could only be a bad connection between the two