"Check Engine" <---VERY VAGUE!

hmmm…let’s see. i was putting in my new power antenna, and my car dies, wtf! radio won’t come on at all anymore and no interior lights are working and “trunk open” and the clock on the dash keeps flickering on and off.

but here’s the good part…now when my car is running, my check engine light is coming on, and i have no idea what is going on. i’m not a dummy, i have knowledge about cars, but this one has got me. the only other thing i did was adjust the throttle (screw on top of throttle body), so the intake “sucks” more.

i’m thinking if i 'up" the idle a bit, it may help, but does anyone have any ideas?

p.s. and what wires are what on the power antenna? (yellow-white, black-white, blue-white)


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It’s a fuse hanging on for dear life. The clock, lighter, and open trunk dash light are all on the same fuse. The same thing happened to me a while back. If I plugged in the radar detector, the clock would go out. It’s in the interior fuse box - check it out. You’ve probably blown a couple others, although those problems sound very odd.

Blown fuses will cause lots of different types of problems. Those all sound familiar for a blown fuse.