Check out this 92 Green GSR I found for sale.

I am not telling where it is either because I want her for myself.
I never thought I would ever to get to see a true stock Green Integra GSR with no damage and near perfect original paint. Original B17 with original short geared YS1 and only 108000 miles.

dope. how much is the asking price?

A lot. $5000 is the asking price but price goes down drastically with cash.

I popped its vtec cherry on the test drive and almost gave the old man salesman a heart attack.

Dont think it ever been done before since it was owned by a 54 year old woman.

Pick her up :slight_smile:

Well I want too but my cash is limited till the end of next month. Ill have to sell my current DA to have enough cash. Ad that with taxes and what I am saving out of every check and starving myself almost. It is on sale at a local lot, but they are having a hard time selling it because its age and most people go there to buy porches, misubishi’s, or anything newer in general.

They already had one offer from a guy in Cali but said they would sell it locally cheaper to someone who would take care of it. Its funny because they have the car on a stand and across the street is our local Acura Dealer. Our local Acura Dealer is rip off central on parts and labor.

Man I really want this car but dont know if it will be around when I have the cash. I am hoping the car gods help me a little.

Nice find!

Get a loan?

MMMmmmm. Virgin.

Do what I do, PAWN EVERYTHING you have, lol. If you get it great but don’t drive yourself insane over it. If its meant to be in your driveway, the automotive Gods will make it so.

Very nice find! Get it soon! It is on Autotrader

X2 :drool:

Beautiful. :drool:

looks NICE…tell the saleman to knock off an extra $1000 because it’s missing the ashtray. :rofl:

…but i think thats a CD changer reciever or a XM radio? what is that in the ashtray slot?

i wouldnt be too sure that 50 year old lady never hit VTEC.

my mom used to own a 1991 Mazda MX6 GT, if you know anything about them great, if not; these cars were boosted, pushing about 7psi from the factory. 2.2L single cam 4cyl that was ford sourced. anyway i showed my mom what it was like at full boost, to feel the mini surge of power that could only come with forced induction… from there my mom became a boost junkie and ultimately ended up blowing the turbo up after i convinced her to get a boost controller…

so dont think that car hasnt been pushed, those old ladies only LOOK harmless ahha

good find tho man. let us know if you get it.

Its pretty cool how it has all its original GSR parts.

Already checked on that and the banks dont want to finance anything more than 10 years old.

You have to get a personal loan not an auto loan. Can be done if you have decent credit. I would pay it back faster because of the higher interest rates that go with them


Back when I was 19-20 I trashed the hell out of my credit and financing is not an option for me anyways. I pretty much have the guy talked down to 2700 cash. Its just I wont have that till a month or 2 after taxes.

^^someone is gonna pick it up before you…