chime sound

well my chime dosent go off and im not talking about the lights being on but when the car is running i open the passenger door and the chime goes away and ive replaced both door jam switches and idk but its annoying and i dont have a radio and its all i hear well aside from my gps talking

Are you saying your chime is on all the time, [with ign. on] but turns off if you open the pass. door, is that correct?

If so…

Does your dome light work properly, all functions?
Will it turn on if you open any door?
Can you turn it off with the switch at the light?
Can you turn it on with the switch at the light?

When opening a door does the door open indicator in the instrument cluster turn on?

Does the chime work if key is out of the ign. switch and the park/head lights are on?:corn:94


yes.the dome light works fine
yes it comes on with both front doors…(i have a 3door rs)
yes i can turn it off and on with the switch

yes the door indicator light does come on when the doors are open.

and yes it does come on with lights on key out of the ignition…

but im sorry if i misled u but its more of a beeping sound …u kno when u put the key in the ON postion but not started but with the dash lit up and it beeps but then it speeds up then i can open the passenger door(and only that door) and it goes away

Where is it coming from? If it’s coming from behind your passenger side kick panel, it’s your seat belt warning.

it is but what do i do?

If it only stops when you open your passenger door, then your sensor may be bad.

Is your pass. side seat belt plugged in?

Does it still beep when the belt is unplugged?

Does the motor move the auto belt forward when the door is opened, and back when it is closed?

To fix this problem, I simply removed my warning box, however I no longer use my stock belts.

well it the belt is all the way in and when i take it out the beep gets slower and then in a couple seconds it speeds up…and the motor moves and everything

I have to agree with the above, it is the seat belt warning “beeper” and probably a defective sensor,

The easy fix is to unplug the beeper, the proper fix is to find the problem and fix it, I also agree it is probably the sensor in the seat or the wiring running to it.

Sorry the seat belt warning system is the one thing I do not have a wiring diagram for, I will check at work and see if our AllData program has G2 Integra information.:cross:94

We can see if fcm can find a diagram for you so you can troubleshoot the system, but it still sounds like it is just the sensor. They are fairly cheap, but are around $35 if you go to the stealership.

im sorry fcm and oneoffg2 for wating ur time butt it was my idiot previous owner who never connected the connector under the seat…

It’s not a wast of time unless you didn’t come back and tell us what the problem was.

Now when we hear someone with the same symptoms, we can direct that person to the plug under the seat right away and sound real smart.

This tread will also come up on a search.

Good for you on posting the problem/fix, [many do not].:up:94

thanks fcm and oneoffg2 for ur help and yea ive seen thatt alot of ppl dont post wat the outcome was but got another question but not eletrical tho…fcm wud u happen to kno y 90-91 exhaust systems are different from 92-93…ive been told its the length but not sure… b4 i go out n get one

Not sure about the stock system but Greddy lists the same system for 90-93 LS, RS and GS 2doors.

Skunk2 only lists 92-93 LS and RS 2doors.

I would look for one specific to your motor then MM&Y of car.:whisper:94

iight thanks fcm

Kudos for posting the solution that you found. Good luck with the exhaust man :slight_smile: