Chipped ECU/stock

I just finished A gen2 B16a swap in my '91 integra, but I still need to buy an ECU. I was thinking about getting a chipped ECU, but a friend of mine thought that might be a bad idea in the long run.

My car is basically a daily driver as of now. I don’t forsee myself ever taking it to the tracks except to maybe get on official track time. Everything is still pretty much stock with plans in the near future to upgrade the intake and exhaust systems. My friend thought that cuz its a daily driver, a chipped ecu might use more gas and since I don’t realy race it that much it won’t be worth it.

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts. I want to get a chipped ECU mostly for bragging rights, and to get that VTEC kicking in a little sooner without a controller.

I think that an ECU would be a good idea, but only if your going to mod your car out more than that. I would get one after you get I/H/E, cams, cam gears, and a fuel pressure regulator. That way the ECU will actually do something for you. For a stock motor I would just go with a stock ECU until you get into heavier mods.
As far as vtec crossover goes, it is better to have it kick in further down the rpm range otherwise your motor will bog down when it kicks in too early. I could get into explaining that, but it could take a while so I will pass on the explanation.
Just go with the stock PWO or PR3 ECU and it will be fine.