Cigarette lighter???

I’ve already replaced the fuse for my cigarette lighter, but I still don’t have power. I want to be able to plugh my phone in while I’m driving, cuz I’m never home.
So, the problem isn’t the fuse…any ideas?


do all your interior lights work?

theres in one fuse that is a relay for several different things in your car… i think it’s the 2nd fuse from the top on the left side of your driverside underdash panel. can’t quite remember though. it’s in the Helms.

Are you sure it hasn’t been unplugged at some stage. Thats what happened to mine, I unplugged it when I was installing a new head unit, and fogot to plug it back in :slight_smile:

If it’s the fuse, then the clock and radio will reset every time you turn off your car. Also, you will notice things like the signal lights affecting their operation.