civic front forks?

has anyone heard of using early 90s civic front forks to lower the front end in a g2?im only asking because i was thinking of getting the omni full coilover setup and notice the front doesnt drop that low as i would want it to.i am currently running 17s on my car with no wheel gap and want to keep the same drop.its got a really ghetto setup right now and i want to change it.any help would be helpful thanx

im using 92-95 civic front forks, but thats because Im running an ITR suspension. The EG fork inner diameter is bigger than the DA ones so I dont see how you can use them without custom fitting them.


88-91 Civic forks can be used for tegs…Civics 92 and up are bigger in diameter…or you can still used them or g3 tegs, Only if you wanna run g3 struts, because theres more aftermarket struts for g3…Bigger is better, but I’m happy with what I got…

I’m using EK forks because I like to shine.

DC for me cause Koni’s are more expensive for g2’s than g3’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

that and they were free. and i’m using few actual DA parts on my suspension. Front knuckles, front UCA’s, and front LCA’s are about it. :up:

so the early civics(88-91) do fit the da struts but im wondering does it lower the car also?i heard just by using the civic front forks it will lower the a littlte.i remember suspension techniques made something like this to lower the car and keep your stock ride.that was way back in the day though

according to photos found on this page, the EF, DA, EG/DC forks are the same height. your only real options for gaining some more shock travel are listed in that write-up.

good info thanx

itr setup

Preston, are you using ITR shocks AND springs (if not then what springs)?

if so then what’s ther ride height?