Civic seats in G2

I just bought some 92-95 civic seats for my G2 integra. I could’ve bought G2 driver and passenger seats for $125 plus shipping but instead, I only paid $40 for the driver and passenger side Civic seats. Anyway, I was trying to install them and I could only bolt on two screws for each seat. The seat doesn’t wobble when I drive but when I recline the seat to let passengers in to sit in the back, it wobbles because there’s no screw at the back left of the driver’s side seat. Would I have to drill some new holes on the chassis to align with the bracket holes so I could screw all four screws on? ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED. Email me if you’ve got some advice or instructions. Address is Thanks in advance.

take your railings off your teg seats and install them on to your civic seats… that would ensure a fit… but why would you wanna swap teg seats for a civics? also what do you plan on doing with the automatic seat belt?

I tried doing that but it just took so long. I don’t know what else to remove. Can someone give me some instructions on what bolts to remove from the cushions? I could only remove one of the brackets but I couldn’t take out the other one.

I bought the civic seats for cheap. The guy only wanted $40 for the civic seats. They’re black and they’re pleather and look really good. Plus he lives near me so there was no need to play the waiting game.