cleaning fuel injectors- question

if I get my fuel injectors cleaned, does that also clean the Idle Air Control Valve on the back of the fuel injectors?

Nope… That just gets your fuel injectors cleaned.

sea foam

Speaking of sea foam… I have 1/2 a bottle down stairs… Wonder if I should use it or not…

^ Do it. I just sea foamed mine through the brake booster vacuum hose. It helped my idle a bit, its more consistent now. So much nasty smoke came out the back!

Yeah I am thinking about it… Car has 219k miles on it as probably never had it done… Kinda scared it might cause other problems… I am sure the smoke will be so bad someone will call the fire dept on me lol

but to get the injectors you have to add it to the gas tank…
but the way are saying is a great idea to. it cleans out the intake runners and some what the head and valves. good stuff :rockon:

Yeah I know what it does and how to use it I am just worried since the high mileage and all.

ok just mentioning it heh
i think it would be alright honestly, but i agree that if its never been done…i hope you dont live in a subdivision or residential area lol

I live in a subdivision but houses are about an acre apart and its in the middle of nowhere lol… I will go do it and let it soak while I take a shower then let her smoke it off lol…

How do you do it thru the brake booster? as I might try this, an to do the injectors you just add it to the tank that it

So is sea foam just to clean injectors or does it help with the IACV?

Well my car idles better and throttle response is better. You take the hose off the plastic thing above the break booster and slowly pour it in the hose… About 1/4 the bottle is what I just did. You must do it when the motor is at normal operating temp. After you pour about 1/4 of the bottle in you turn off the motor and wait about 10 minutes. Turn it back on and enjoy the smoke show. I drove around after it stopped smoking in my driveway for 15 minutes and it smoked about 1/2 that while driving.

If you put it in your crank case be sure to change your oil very soon afterward! This is very important.