Clearing out taillights

I’ve read the way to do this in tegs tips, and i was just wondering if there was an easier way?? Or if anyone has followed the instructions and successfully done it?? I just don’t want to risk damaging my stock tail lights, but i really want that ambre strip out of there.

there isn’t an easier way. just stick those suckers in the oven and start prying. Its pretty damn easy, just take your time, and use some common sense with it. The main reason so many people break their lights is because they rush. also, make sure the glue is warm, it’ll cool a little and get hard to pry, when it does that, just stick it back in the oven to warm it up again. Because when the glue cools, you can crack the lights a lot easier.

i took a spare taillight that i had apart, it was pretty easy, and i didn’t break it… and it was my first try.