clearing taillights - what kind of heatgun?

i’m wanting to clear my taillights and have looked at the teg tip / board posts for information, and am pretty confident in doing so. however, my question is: what kind of heat gun have you guys used to do this?

i don’t have a heatgun and am basically looking for info. about what kind of gun / attachment i should be using to perform this. my friend has a gun that comes with 3-4 attachments for the nozzle - most are round with varying opening sizes, but one is kind of flat. can anyone shed some light on what type of gun / nozzle attachment works best for this job? thanks!

you dont need a heatgun, i used the oven, and to just test out, i used a blow dryer to pry open one of my oem corner lights. but the oven will work, just be careful that you dont leave it in there too long. You’ll also find that you’ll have to keep putting the taillights back in the oven since they will cool off quickly. just be patient.