Lately ive been noticing that most of time, when im cornering left, i will hear a clickin noise. I figured it had something to do with the suspension, but a friends told me that it might be the axle going bad. Have any of you had this problem? You wont be able to hear it if your corner from a dead stop, you have to be moving, and would click harder if you are acclerating while cornering, This is why i thought it might be suspension. Any ideas what it might be? and how to fix?


it is a known and often talked about problem on most fwd cars. you need to do a search before you post something like this before asking because it has been covered numerous times in the past.
if it is clicking, the c.v. joint is bad, make sure you check both boots too. if you catch a newly torn boot sometimes you can salvage the axle by replacing a torn boot, but once dirt and water get into your boot, the c.v. joint is toast no matter what you do.

it’s definatly your axle, you need a new one, it’s easy to replace too.