clicking coming from the rear wheel??

recently i have noticed a clicking sound (kind of like a torn axle) coming from the passenger side wheel well while turning right and only when i turn right…i have done some searching i figure it is the hub, but before i go buy a new one i would like to know if anyone has any other info as to what this sound could be, or if there is any steps i can take to inspect it myself (other than visual), thanks in advance.

any gurus out there!

anyone? i know someone has had to of had this problem…let me know, i need to get this done while i still have the money.

Wheel bearing is no good would be my first guess. There is no “axle” back there technically.

ur putting more load to the bearings as u turn

its most likely your bearing theres no axels in the rear wheels cus its not an AWD or RWD so its most likely your bearing

i know there is no axles in the rear come on guys give me more credit than that haha, i was just saying thats how it sounds.

also, is there anyway to check the wheel bering? and wouldnt it make a squeal/humm rather than a click?

thanks for alll the replies

Jack it up, and push on the wheel. There should be no slop/play.

It could also possibly be a worn bushing somewhere, like the trailing arm bushing or a swaybar bushing or linkage, but I’d look at the wheel bearing first.

ok sooo no play in the hub area.

the bushings are getting shot on my trailing arms, they have been squeeking for a while now when i put pressure on them.

time to search trailing arm bushing replacement.

know what sucks i got some guy who wants to sell me a complete 92 ls w/a blown tranny for 300 bones but my girl doesnt want it in the driveway…im about to say FU and buy it anyways, i know i could make more than 300 selling parts and get a ton of parts that i need. oh well had to rant a little sorry.


o.k… so i replaced the RTA bushings, and while i had it all apart i figured i would replace the rear LCA bushings just incase…put it all back together and took it for a drive and i still have the clicking!

new question…is it possible for the rear bearing to be shot, even if there isnt any play from the hub?

gurus feel free to chime in!

Definately wheel bearing, there not that expensive. Go to NAPA or something and pick one up! Good LUCK!

actually they are kind of expensive, $150.00 from napa. and $90.00 from the
other part stores…i will buy oem $150.00.

also, has anyone had experience with the autozone replacement hubs?


ok i figured it out and it was not the wheel bearing. i came to this conclusion when i was waiting in the turning lane, and it made the sound at a stand still. so i jacked it up again took off the wheel, and tried moving stuff with my hands, sway bar, hub, shocks and springs, then the mid-pipe/axle back…and sure enough i could shake it back and forth and make the sound. i guess the hangers were bent on the frame from the last owner. so i replaced the rubber hangers and beat the hangers on the frame back in place and it stopped!

hopefully this makes sense

:clap: hmm not bad. only took a year to diagnose but hey atleast you updated us. always the simple crap that gets ya

I have the exact same problem on my car. It makes the sound especially when I make a right turn. I’ll try messing with the exhaust hangers like you did and see if it fixes it.

Nvm you already fixed it lol.

i forgot to mention and i do not know if it makes a differance but i didnt have this problem when i had the pancake style muffler, it started about 3 months after i installed a canister style muffler with new rubber hangers.