clicking from brakes or abs?

i searched here and elsewhere online,but can’t figure this out: i got my car back from my gf, who had it and maintained it for 6 mos, the brakes work just fine, but she had a brake job a while back, and she said she never noticed anything, but as soon as i started driving it, i noticed a very slight click,click,click,click, it only starts if i hit the brakes at 10mph or slower, and only lasts until i’m stopped, usually 3 to 5 clicks, pretty sure it’s coming from the driver’s side, but it sounds like i’t under the hood. could there be missing brake hardware or something simple, or is it an indication or something? thanks in by the way, i’ve asked at a couple specialized honda/acura shops-they had no idea. abs, and brakes in general do work great though. surely somebody here has this or had it at one point. thanks in advance, any inuput would be appreciated.

perhaps an axle or a cracked rotor. does it do it when you start up as well? ie low speeds? i had a bad axle that did that starting and stopping.

tighten everything up.


Check the rotors, my car had a click noise at low speeds and very low brake pedal pressure it was a fractured rotor. It might not be the same problem but you can eliminate one thing if it’s not.