clicking noise when i press the brake pedal?

quick question… i noticed that sometimes i put my foot my foot on the break i can hear a clicking noise that comes from behind my cd player area… anyone know what this could be? thanks



i have a 90 ls. no abs. coming from behind my cd player area


I have a 91 LS, and hear that on occasion too. I sometimes think I hear it when I’m releasing the brake. I imagine it’s a sound coming from a cable somewhere.

i thought rs was the only model w/o abs , was it a option on ls? there are a few relays back there, starter relay, fan relay, and a few heater things, this noise is it when the car is moving or as i assume when it is not, or both, in hot or cold weather?, when the car is warmed up or on the start?

If it’s an automatic, it’s probably the lockout deactivating so it can shift out of park.

it is automatic :mad: but… it happens while im driving… not just out of park.


Just tell everybody it’s your super duper hardcore performance brake system.

lmao dont tell homie that

I was getting a clicking type sound when I was using the brakes also. Shortly after, I replaced my driver’s side drive axle, Autozone garbage, and the noise went away. But now the new axle has a slight click in right turns, so I think Autozone needs to find a better rebuilder.

i just recently did my passenger side axle not too long ago and i got it from autozone… haven’t had any problems with it yet… :hmm:


Tail light switch