Clicking Noise when turning... CV joints?

Whenever I take a left turn, there’s a clicking noise from the right suspension and I’m pretty sure it’s the CV joints.

  1. How do I confirm this? Is there a way to pull the tire similar to how you test tie rods?

  2. If I do need new cv joints, what do I ask for… I saw at that they have both the “CV HALF-SHAFT” and also a “CV JOINT & BOOT KIT” Which one should I get?

Thanks in advance for the help

its worth it just to get a whole half shaft. its most likely your prob.

yes its your cv joint. Crawl under your car and look, you can probably see the boot is torn and the grease is everywhere. I would probably buy the kit, but changing cv joints is a PITA, so you may want to look for a used half-shaft. Check good luck:)

Fixed it

Hi, I finally fixed it and have some pics:

Thanks for all the help