Clifford SmartWindows II 2

I need help finding a wiring diagram for this unit, I was wondering if anyone knew how to retrieve one, Iam fixing my alarm on my VIPER 700 SYSTEM.

I found a wiring diagram,

Iam still having trouble getting it to work again,
basically I think Iam having trouble connecting the motor. When I goto remove the door panel there is the door switches 7-pin conenctor or whatever, then there is a 4-pin connector, (red/blue, red/yellow, black, & something else) Anyways I had hooked up the switch to the red/yel red/blue and I can tell if I do move the windows up and down I’ll hear the clifford smart windows 2 click. (Iam guessing that means i hooked the switch up,. Well basically what it seems to me is the switch is also the power for the motor, because the 4pin- red/yel red/blu go to the switch and teh black and whatever go somewhere else. If I hook up the motor and the switches to the same thing my fuse for the left power windows blows 20A.

Iam really confused, thanks any help would be appreciated. I have a 91 LS coupe with the VIPER 700 Alarm system.

well its like this,

there are 2 switches and 2 motors that are supposed to be conenctoed to the smartwindows II. I have both the switches hooked up, if i power window up and down I can clear the smartwindows make noises. Basically, it seems as the motor wires are suppsoed to hook up to the switch wires, because theres really no other wires, (the wires from the motor go directly to the switch(I have my switch wires inbetween this) For my motor wires, It seems as this is the only place for the wires to go, but every time it’ll just blow up my driver’s side power windows. Any suggestions?

Also, there is a busy signal wiring that comes from the smart windows, does this matter if not hookled up?


I have finally hooked up my motors and switches properly, I’ve found out that i do not need the busy signal.?

But I got a little stuck,

On my clifford smartwindows II, there are 3 wires on the diagram that are not labeled. A Green wire is hooked up to -GROUND WHEN ARMED (From my viper 700), a 2nd wire, YELLOW is hooked up the the aux 2 channel on my viper(Does not looking like it is grounding when channel 2 is used) The third wire is a White/YEllow wire. This wire is connected to a bunch of various different grounds, in series, two wires in specific, the (BLACK)-ground for the viper, and the valet/programming(GREY) - ground for the viper. Anyways when I disconnected the white/yellow I noticed that if the white/yellow was on a flowing ground and removed in short lenghts of times would roll the windows up and down. Iam wondering some ideas for connecting my white/yellow.